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My own health history is what got me into the field of Natural Therapies and Nutrition.

Many years ago before I was in the Health Field, I had had excellent health, and never thought of ill health till I got diarrhoea that went on for ten years.

I had many different stool tests, saw various doctors, specialists and immunologists with no cure in sight.

As a result of my severely compromised state I contracted Glandular Fever and then was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and told by a renowned immunologist, I was “just emotional” and to go home and rest, as there was nothing that could be done for me!

My desperation at not accepting the situation drove me to seek a cure, and after many years trying different modalities and therapies I finally got an answer to my chronic situation..

I was diagnosed with a parasite called Giardia, and with the correct antibiotic my severe diarrhoea ceased!

I was hugely grateful and my Life changed in a direction I could never have imagined.

I started studying Nutrition to see how to mend my weakened, severely malnourished body, and this was the start of a long uphill battle to achieve optimum health.

As I got well and strong,  I fell in love with the wonders and power of natural healing and subsequently qualified a Nutritionist, knowing I’d been led on a long and hard road to heal myself, and subsequently help others to find answers in their frustrating quest for health.

Also, having lived with a Mother who was an emotional overeater, I experienced first hand her struggle with food, stomach stapling and eventually the slippery slope of Diabetes, and the sad demise of the disease, till her eventual death.

This led me to understanding the importance of healthy weight and lifestyle, as it truly is not the years in our life, but the life in our years that give us quality.


About Vital You

Diploma Nutrition (Dip. Nutr) 
Advanced Certificate of Iridology
VLA Practitioner

Barbara studied in London and the Nature Care and Australian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney, and holds an Advanced Certificate of Iridology.

Barbara has been practising for 20 years in the areas of weight loss, food allergies, digestive and hormonal issues.

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