With the current Coronavirus situation and winter season upon us shortly, the best thing you can do to boost your immune system with diet is to ensure you are getting the best possible nutrition to help ward off some of those nasty colds and influenza bugs by eating your way to health with nutrition being your strongest defence against sickness.Bone broth or chicken soup are well known for their nutritional powerhouse nutrients and healing properties. Bone broth (see recipe) helps build collagen and strong bones as well as helping the immune system. – Nature’s nutritional healing properties in a broth!During the colder months it’s a great idea to make a large soup, whether it’s bone broth, lentil soup, chicken soup, minestrone soup and freeze quantities for an easy meal. Besides being delicious and warming, they will keep you full and stop cravings. Boost your immune system with diet by adding lots of mixed vegetables like root vegetables, parsnip, carrots, sweet potatoes, beets – warming foods for the cold months. Add garlic, ginger and turmeric for their amazing warming and immune boosting properties.

Foods and nutrients for immune health

Vitamins for the immunity are Vitamin A and C found in leafy green vegetables, carrots, fish, egg yolk and apricots. Vitamin A is essential for your T and B lymphocytes, the part of your immune system which fights disease to keep you healthy. Vitamin A and vitamin c are also important for helping skin problems like acne, eczema, and for irritated eyes and sinus problems – yes, so many healing properties in this one little vitamin!

Vitamin C is abundant in many fruits, kiwi fruit being high in this vital immune booster. It’s also found in broccoli, brussel sprouts, pineapple, citrus fruit and capsicum (peppers). Lack of vitamin C can cause frequent colds, easy bruising, aches and pains and low energy, as the adrenals (stress glands) rely on it. It is also a natural anti-histamine thereby helping with sinus and allergy problems. Juicing is a quick way of getting a powerhouse of nutrients.

Zinc is a mineral that performs wonders mentally and physically for you in a multitude of ways. It’s necessary for immune function such as fighting viral infections, concentration and for focus as well as for energy. It is a vital mineral for male hormonal health as it helps build testosterone, the most abundant hormone for male help. Often vegetarians and vegans are deficient in this vital mineral as it is found primarily in red meat. Zinc is also found in sunflower and pumpkin seeds and oysters as well as egg yolks. Add sunflower or pumpkin seeds to salads, yoghurt or just nibble for a healthy zinc full snack.

There are fabulous herbs (it’s back to nature for healing) to protect health and build immunity, such as echinacea, elderberry, astragalus and andrographis. Often your practitioner will make up a formula specific to your symptoms to get the best results for what’s required for your symptoms and health.

So, to boost your immune system with diet- eat your way to health by stocking up your fridge and pantry with fruit and vegetables of all colours like a “rainbow”, as well as eggs and fish, and your pantry with nuts, seeds and pulses like lentils and beans – your body will be fighting fit to ward off those nasty flu and virus bugs!