Hormonal Health

Many women will experience some form of hormonal health issue or hormone imbalance at some point in their lifetime, be it addressing hormonal fluctuations; Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Premenstrual Syndrome, Menopause, light or heavy periods. Hormonal imbalance is impacted by a range of issues, including:

  • Using the pill
  • Weight gain
  • Stress
  • Fertility issues
  • Pregnancy
  • Transitioning into menopause

Why Is Looking After Your Hormonal Health Important?

Many women are unaware of the impact that healthy eating and good nutrition can play in balancing our hormones and maintaining healthy hormonal levels. Understanding how our hormones can affect many aspect of our health, both emotionally and physically, at every life stage is the key to achieving balance and optimum vigour.

Why Come & See Barbara?

An expert consultation with Barbara, using screening tools such as saliva testing and expert assessment, can detect hormonal imbalance and lack of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins, that women are more prone to experience deficiency in, such as zinc, magnesium and B6.

You will leave your consultation with insight into your unique hormonal patterns and armed with the knowledge to establish and maintain a healthy hormonal balance throughout your life cycle.

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    Dorit Mizrahi
    Dorit Mizrahi
    09:06 28 Aug 18
    I've had the privilege of working with Barbara over 20 years ago and today feel such gratitude that I was blessed to have met her so long ago. She has helped me with getting my energy, motivational and emotions back to where I feel fantastic on a daily basis. Being a single mum of 3 young boys is hard work and with her nutritional and holistic expertise I'm so grateful and feel confidence in her care! Thank you Barb! 🙏. You're truly amazing.read more
    Sandra Mooney
    Sandra Mooney
    09:11 28 Aug 18
    I have personally seen Barbara on a couple of occasions for different issues, and I must say her knowledge and expertise is amazing. I have also brought my son in to see Barbara as he suffers with headaches and Barbara had a little chat with him, so after he ran through his daily routine and all his sports activities, as he is a busy boy. Barbara recommended some of her amazing products for him. They’ve worked... I highly recommended Barbara and if I ever need to see her again, there would be no hesitation. She truly knows her work.read more
    Tess F
    Tess F
    03:26 05 Mar 20
    1. Why did you choose to see me: I chose to see Barb due to constantly being on a different diet and/or exercising and not seeing any changes. I wanted to find out why my body would work with some diets and not others but why the weight wouldn’t stay off.2. How did you find the process: Barb’s process starts from the beginning to find out what your goals as well as possible issues may be and work from there, she can give you a run down and how to best approach your options. I found this to be the best as now I knew what I was working with and what would work with my own body type and issues.3. What results did you get: So far my result have been satisfying with 5.8kg down in 6 weeks. Ive been keeping a good diary and making sure I check labels when I shop. I’ve learnt a lot thanks to Barb so far and I hope to keep learning as I go.read more
    08:52 19 Jan 20
    After years feeling that my health was not 100% (but Drs saying nothing was wrong with me), a friend recommended I see Barb and it was the best thing I did for my health! At my first meeting Barb listened to me talk about how I was feeling – physically and mentally. By the end of the meeting I knew that finally there was someone who understood what my body was doing (or not doing!). I have not only lost weight (currently the lightest I have been for years!), I also have more energy - and best of all more confidence! Thank you Barb (and your magic machine!) - I could not have got this far without you.read more
    Lisa Varley
    Lisa Varley
    05:00 07 Jan 20
    I came across Barb when doing a search for a local expert as I was approaching menopause and I wanted dietary and supplement advice. That was around 8 years ago and I credit her with me not gaining any weight during menopause. She is a lovely woman and incredibly knowledgeable and I recommend her to all my friendsread more
    Karen Lee
    Karen Lee
    00:23 28 Oct 19
    Barbara is amazing. I would highly recommend her. Kind, caring and very knowledgable. Well worth a visit.read more
    Marissa Ely
    Marissa Ely
    22:01 05 Nov 19
    Barbara is a very caring, knowledgeable, patient and understanding Natural therapost. She comes highly recommend her servicesread more
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