Weight Loss

Weight loss is often misunderstood and people need the right support

“Weight loss is not about quick wins and crash diets, it’s about understanding your own body and detecting issues and implementing a long term healthy eating and lifestyle program.”

The hardest part of weight loss is knowing where to start, seeking the right expert advice and having the right support in place to stay motivated.

A consultation with Barbara, who has a proven track record of achieving outstanding weight loss results for her clients, is the best place to start your weight loss journey.

Healthy weight loss is not about quick wins and crash diets, which can mess with your metabolism, it’s about understanding your own body and detecting issues such as low thyroid or high blood sugar levels; changing your eating behaviour and following a realistic and long term healthy eating and lifestyle program.

Our Weight Loss Program will give delicious easy meals and tips, and leave you full and loving your choice of tasty recipes.

Why will this Program work for you?

We will organise clinical tests for sluggish metabolism, underactive thyroid, potential glucose imbalances and fluid retention.

Correcting these will be the jumpstart needed to lose those stubborn centimetres.

Your fat burning home test kit (takes a few minutes a day), will show when you’re in fat burning and serve as a great source of encouragement!

Regular Body Composition Scans will show your progress internally as well as externally with fat & weight loss, and fluid retention.

The health of your cells will be reflected in this test too.

Why is being your optimum weight important?

Everyone’s body shape and size is meant to be different. We are individuals with different family genetic histories and health issues.

Being healthy and in shape for YOUR body type is important in combating degenerative diseases such as Arthritis, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, etc

PLUS  the added bonus of looking and feeling wonderful!


“With Barbara’s expert Nutritional guidance and motivation, I lost 50 kilos in six months and turned my life around!”

Dean R

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"A personalised nutritional plan tailored to your unique body requirements to help you lose weight"

Weight Loss

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"Thanks Barb for getting me fighting fit to win my first heavyweight competition"


Weight Loss

"Thank you Barb for a new lease on life!"