Our Health Packages

*Nutrition Consultation 1 hour – In clinic testing & Nutrition Plan$150
Weight Loss Packages - weekly sessions recommended
Initial consultation is 1 hour (Nutrition + Testing)
Follow up packs are 30 minutes (include testing VLA & Asyra, changes to plans)
3 pack – $70 per session (saving $15)$210
6 pack - $65 per session (saving $60)$390
10 pack- $60 per session (saving $150)$600

* In clinic testing – includes nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, digestion.

weight loss and nutrition

Nutritional health

"A personalised nutritional plan tailored to your unique body requirements to help you lose weight"

Weight Loss

Performance Optimisation

"Thanks Barb for getting me fighting fit to win my first heavyweight competition"


Weight Loss

"Thank you Barb for a new lease on life!"