Seasonal tips for HIGH Energy, LOW Stress and Maintaining your Best Weight

Seasonal tips for HIGH Energy, LOW Stress and Maintaining your Best weight with vitality over the Festive Season

While Xmas & New Year is Wonderful for socialising with family, friends and colleagues, it’s a challenging time to stay healthy, and not undo everything you’ve worked towards throughout the year with your weight & health.

Hopefully these tips help you maintain your best health, to enjoy the celebrations & New Year with energy and vitality!

  • Stress – A good multivitamin will replenish valuable B vitamins, depleted by alcohol, stress & a busy lifestyle.
  • Liver Health – A liver supplement will help metabolise alcohol and fatty foods, and keep your liver filtering toxins, and cleansing hormones.(hormones are metabolised in the liver).  ½ lemon in hot water in the morning is a great old remedy to cleanse, help the bowels and weight loss. Dandelion tea and vegetable juices will support liver health
  • A low alcohol drink of fresh lime, soda & bitters is a great alternative between drinks.
  • Wine spritzer is delicious and goes a long way!
  • Vegetable juices are a quick nutritious way of getting your nutrients, fibre, keeping the bowels happy & cleansing.
  • Make your own mix – all vegetables are healthy with a little fruit added, antioxidants like berries included Beetroot, lemon, carrot, apple, cucumber, spinach, berries, kale, celery
  • Hydration – Keep up the water, as hydration helps brain health, muscle function, headaches, constipation, skin.  Often having a glass of water will take the hunger away, it may be thirst you’re feeling
  • Snacking – Keeping nuts, low fat yoghurt, fruit will keep from reaching for those sugary temptations.
  • Don’t arrive hungry for functions – have a snack before you go, so you can still enjoy the delights in moderation
  • Sleep – Adequate sleep will give energy and keep stress levels down. When cortisol the stress hormone is released, it causes a cascade of problems like insomnia, headaches, weight gain & hormonal imbalances.
  • Exercise – The holidays are a wonderful way of doing incidental exercise, playing with the kids or grand kids, or dogs :), walking with friends, enjoying our gorgeous harbour city.
  • Some “You time” – Taking time out to breathe, meditate, read, exercise, music, whatever does it for you!
  • Closing your eyes – 15 minutes concentrating on deep breathing will revitalise you before your celebration

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